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Able Prosthetic Care: Amputees & Rehabilitation

Prosthetics for Atlanta Amputees, & Breast Cancer Survivors: Mastectomy & Lumpectomy

Prosthetic Devices

Below the knee prosthesis Custom High Tech Prosthetic Limbs:
Above the knee prosthesis   *Genium (Computerized Knee) by Otto Bock
  Hip disarticulation prosthesis     *C-leg (Computerized Knee) by Otto Bock
  Below the elbow prosthesis     *Myo-electric arms
  Above the elbow prosthesis   Silicone Restorations
      Mastectomy/Lumpectomy Products
*See Additional Information Below and On Our Services Page

Able Prosthetic Care Inc. is a family owned business dedicated to providing unparalleled attention to detail and quality of care.  When you walk through the door of our offices, you will enjoy our warm, comfortable atmosphere as we answer all of the questions you may have regarding prosthetics (artificial limbs) or mastectomy products.  You will benefit from the expertise of our prosthetist, Daniel Holzer, who is licensed and certified and has worked in the prosthetics field since 1979. Our certified mastectomy fitter, Brenda Holzer, has been providing mastectomy care since 1999.

Able Prosthetic Care, Inc. was started in 1999 by Daniel and Brenda Holzer. Daniel has worked for a large corporation, a small family business, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  Those years of experience taught him that prosthetic care is far more than providing a device. It involves being there when an amputee faces an emotional time with many questions.  We are there to educate, encourage, service, and assist in every way possible.

Prosthetic Devices for Amputees

*C-Leg Computerized Knee - Computer Legs - Microprocessor Controlled Knees

With many prosthetic knee joints, people have to think about each step they take. With the C-Leg and Compact knees, you can move more freely in everyday situations - speeding up or slowing down, responding to uneven terrain, tackling slopes or descending stairs.  The security comes from the microprocessor adjusting the knee in real time - not a moment too early, not a moment too late.

The revolutionary microprocessor that controls the C-Leg and Compact knees receives feedback from multiple sensors multiple times a second, allowing the knee to anticipate your next move and make adjustments in real time.  This keeps your knee stable when you need it, free swinging when it should be - and always ready to support even if you stumble.

A C-Leg knee alone is not a prosthesis, it is a prosthetic part.  The complete prosthesis would consist of the stump attachment system - usually a "socket", and all the attachment hardware parts all the way down to and including the foot.

*Genium (Otto Bock) - Optimized Physiological Gait - OPG. Groundbreaking Prosthetics

The Genium offers for the first time the opportunity to walk with a gait that's incredibly close to the natural physiological gait.  The most sophisticated microprocessor-controlled knee joint utilizes a complex sensory system and sophisticated rule sets to mimic natural gait more closely than any other prosthetic knee.  The Genium delivers unmatched functionality, including special features to help step over obstacles and ascend stairs.

The unique Genium technology is not a next-generation C-Leg, but is a sophisticated new technology platform built to gather unlimited microprocessor inputs that result in very precise responses.

For the wearer, motion becomes intuitive.  Barriers and obstacles become an unconscious part of daily life rather then a road block. Whether making a fast turn to grab or catch up with a runaway toddler, changing speed dramatically or backing up, or simply stepping over an obstacle instead of going around it, the Genium makes it all easier without risking stability.

*Myo-Electric Arms

A Myoelectric prosthesis uses EMG signals or potentials from voluntarily contracted muscles within a person's residual limb on the surface of the skin to control the movements of the prosthesis, such as elbow flexion/extension, wrist rotation or hand opening/closing.

Prosthetic Device Fitting & Device Refitting

(Able Prosthetic Care specializes in Prosthesis Refitting due to changes in age, limbs or poorly fitted prosthetic devices.)

Each patient and his or her amputation is unique, therefore each prosthetic limb must be custom built and then fitted.  This is the task of a prosthetist, who specializes in the fabrication and fitting of prosthetic limbs.  Because prosthetist's work is to interface artificial devices with the human body, they need a wide range of expertise and experience.  (Please visit Device Fitting on Services Page for more detailed information).

Free Evaluations

We are always pleased to provide a free evaluation to help you determine your prosthetic needs and to provide prosthetic solutions when problems arise with existing prosthetic devices.

Post Breast Cancer Products

Whether you had a full mastectomy, a lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction we have products that will help you feel restored. Your appointment will be in a private fitting room with our certified fitter.  We stock a large supply of mastectomy and lumpectomy products so that we may provide the majority of our patients with the items they need in one visit. Our certified, caring mastectomy fitter, Brenda Holzer, has been providing mastectomy care since 1999.  (Please visit our Woman's Page for more details).


  • Private Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Worker's Comp.
  • Voc-Rehab
  • Veterans Affairs

Please note: Able Prosthetic Care will facilitate your claim and has successfully obtained approval for coverage is some cases where they have been previously denied.

Our Philosophy

At APC we are sensitive to the burden of escalating medical costs.  Our policy is to provide the most functional and appropriate device for the patient's well being, in the most cost-effective manner, utilizing all available resources.  We are entirely committed to seeing every amputee who passes through our doors, Able Again to live a full life with dignity and confidence.


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